Avgeli's History

We are the Angeli brothers, and this is our story. 
It was family history that sparked the idea for Avgeli, inspired by our grandfather Antony and his journey to freedom. In the early 1940’s during a time of war and conflict, our Grandfather and his family fled their home in Greece on a small fishing boat into the great Mediterranean Sea.
With no direction or destination in sight, he distracted himself from the unknown by weaving fishing line into different patterns. With food and water slowly running out, time was his only hope. 
Weeks later, the wind had washed him ashore the nearby country of Cyprus, where he found refuge and solace. Never forgetting this experience, Antony kept the woven fishing line he made on that trip, reminding himself of how precious time can be, with every hour and every weave. 
Antony's woven fishing line was the inspiration behind our double-weave perlon bands, which stand as a constant reminder of the preciousness of time.
To share this significance with you, every watch case has been engraved with a man on a fishing boat, allowing each wearer to become part of the Avgeli history.
Anthony & Michael Angeli, Co-founders of Avgeli
Watch Size & Measurements

Perlon Strap Length:  27cm Maximum (Fully Adjustable to Fit All Wrist Sizes)

Case Diameter:  40mm

Case Thickness:  7mm

Lug Width:  20mm (Strap Width)